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A woman who went to a fruit stall to shop was among three people killed in two separate incidents late yesterday afternoon.

Sharlene Ramkissoon, 37, was among the patrons of a fruit stall at Acono Village in Maracas, St Joseph, when gunmen saw their intended target and opened fire on the shop at around 4.30 pm.

They felled Ramkissoon and Dharie Simon, a 34-year-old Acono resident who was also present in the shop.

Police believe that Simon may have been the person in the crosshairs of the killers, while Ramkissoon was an incident bystander caught in the line of fire.

The gunmen fled the scene, while those who had not been injured by the attack contacted emergency services.

Ramkissoon died at the scene and Simon was taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex but succumbed to his injuries.

In an unrelated incident that occurred after 4 pm in Dibe Long Circular, Lyndon Pierre was gunned down at a car wash in the area.

Pierre was reportedly at the car wash, which is located obliquely opposite his home at Dibe Road, when a car pulled up.

Three men with guns targeted Pierre, shooting him several times before the car sped off.

He was taken to hospital, where he died.

Police were processing both murder scenes late yesterday.