Nathalia Rojas supported by her husband Peter during the interview.

“I’m never angry at God, in every single thing I do I praise God, I worship God throughout the pain.”

These are the words of 41-year-old Nathalia Rojas, who was once told she only had one more week to live. In 2005 Rojas’ life took a dramatic turn when she was diagnosed with cancer, her condition had deteriorated so much so that she was sent to a hospice, but it is there where she experienced what can only be described as a miracle.

“I battled cancer until the 14th September 2011, where I would say God showed up and showed off.”

Nathalia would be given a clean bill of health to the amazement of doctors, however, four years later her faith would once more be tested as tumours began developing in her brain. When Guardian Media visited her at her home in Brazil Village, Arima, she was weak to the point where her husband Peter, had to carry her in his arms and seat her on a chair throughout it all she grimaced in pain.

After several seizures, medical tests revealed the presence of tumours which have since grown and is now pressing against the brain but operating on them is no easy task.

“My husband asked if surgery was possible and doctors told him yes but that I would become a vegetable and as a result I said no one is touching my brain, only God.”

Last year, Nathalia’s medical woes increased as tumours were also discovered in her stomach and with them, her suffering intensified.

“The pain level is excruciating, I thought cancer pain was bad but this is the worst I’ve ever had to go through.”

But in the face of unimaginable pain, one drug has been conquering all aches and it is the love of her husband.

According to Peter, his place remains rooted at his wife’s side, “most people would run away but I’m seeing it as an opportunity to help someone and it was a bonus to fall in love with that person as well too.” Rojas recently quit his job and has committed his time attending to his wife’s medical needs, he is now pleading for help to end her agony, “all we are asking if anyone is willing to come forward, a doctor to examine her, because we know she has to start all over again, we have been referred from hospital to hospital to hospital, we just need a group of doctors to examine her and at least operate on her stomach tumours, it is heartbreaking seeing my wife like this.”

With mounting medical expenses which on some days can be as much one thousand dollars just for medication, little income and few fundraisers, the couple is also in need of financial aid. The couple said they have been receiving support from family and friends but it has now become difficult to afford the special care Nathalia needs. Just days shy of their first wedding anniversary, Peter continues his pledge, in sickness and in health and especially over the Christmas when they put up their first tree together.

“This Christmas is us; she is the star on top, she is the angel in between.” Anyone wishing to assist the Rojas’ can contact them at 350-1296 or make donations to Republic Bank, Account number 350145589631.