Shadie Dasrath

A 24-year-old security officer is assisting police with their investigations into the death of 31-year-old Shadie Dasrath.

The security officer told police that he found Dasrath lying unresponsive on a bed in her La Romaine apartment on Friday morning, hours after they had argued over a hickey on her body. Dasrath had a wound on her forehead.

Police are awaiting an autopsy to determine how she died.

The security officer told police that Dasrath returned to her apartment at Temple Street around 11 pm on Thursday. He said they argued over a hickey on her body and she went into the bedroom while he stayed in the living room. He told police that sometime after 1 am he went into the bedroom and found her unresponsive on the bed. He alerted the other tenants, one of whom is a police officer.

The police officer went to Dasrath’s apartment where he saw her nude body on the bed and contacted the Command Centre. When the other officers arrived they observed a wound to the middle of her forehead. District Medical Officer Dr Manisha Santlal viewed the body and ordered its removal.

An autopsy is expected to be done next week at the Forensic Science Centre following a COVID-19 test. Investigations are continuing.