Blood stains on the wall of the home where Stephon Ramnarine was killed by a close friend at Tarodale Gardens, St Madeleine, on Sunday night.

Relatives of Stephon Ramnarine, 26, yesterday claimed he was in an abusive relationship but stayed because he was in love.

But on Sunday, an argument over a cellphone ended in his death after he was stabbed in his left shoulder. Police have since arrested a 19-year-old woman who shared a close relationship with Ramnarine.

Ramnarine’s relatives yesterday said the couple met each other after Ramnarine, a labourer, was released from prison in May after serving a two-year jail term for robbery.

According to a police report, around 5 pm Ramnarine, who is fondly called Munchin and the young woman, were liming and drinking at the home of Ramnarine’s friend at Hope Street, Tarodale, Ste Madeleine, when they had an altercation. Ramnarine was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital by an ambulance after he was stabbed in the shoulder. He died around 5.55 pm while being treated.

Ramnarine’s friend, who requested anonymity, said they arrived at her home after 12 noon and they were drinking puncheon and cola. She said they were having a good time. However, just before the altercation, she saw the young woman on the phone.

“She went outside and she was telling him something and then two of them start to scramble in the gallery. He started choking her and I telling him now Munchin behave yourself, behave yourself. Same time they start to scramble by the short gate in the gallery and then she run inside and get the knife.”

She said Ramnarine was calmly walking towards the young woman “like he was going to talk to she” and she stabbed him by his neck. She said the young woman then tried to help him.

“She take two jerseys and put it by his neck, compress it and bring him by the chair…There was a lot of blood,” she said, adding the young woman was crying while Ramnarine was groaning.

The friend said she believes the argument had something to do with the cellphone because after the incident, the young woman smashed up the phone.

After the ambulance left with Ramnarine, she said the young woman went to the hospital.

Ramnarine’s mother Stacy said the young woman’s birthday was last Friday and she spent the weekend at their Tarodale home. She said her son was in a rocky relationship.

“Once I saw her cuff him on his nose, about three months ago. As a mother, I get really angry, the extent of … Another time she stabbed with a broken bottle to the back. He went to the hospital and got stitches.”

The mother said she tried talking to her son about ending the relationship but he would get angry. She said her son once told her he could not live without his attacker.

“He loved her and did everything for her to show her his love, for her to stay (with him). He would go to work and come back and cook. He washed her clothes.”

She said she also spoke to both of them about living in peace and praying.

Responding to comments on social media that he was the aggressor, she said her son never hit the woman, adding she would not allow her son to abuse a woman.

“I used to be right around so I know and it have a God and God knows everything. I leave everything in God’s hands,” she said.

Police confirmed that neither Ramnarine nor the woman made any reports against each other.

Contacted yesterday, head of the Gender-Based Violence Unit Supt Claire Guy-Alleyne said 12 per cent of the reports, roughly 100 reports annually, made to the unit are from men. She said most of the complaints were of physical abuse.

“Men are feeling more comfortable coming forward,” she said.

However, Guy-Alleyne said only a few female perpetrators have been prosecuted because the majority of the men request that the police only warn their abusers.