The stabbing incident occurred at the home of the estranged wife of a police officer

Days after the police took her six-week baby from her after she sent a disturbing text to the child’s grandmother, a Gasparillo woman is confident that her baby will be returned to her.

“I am a good mother. I know I will get back my baby,” lamented the 31-year-old mother of three.

However, she said she has been an emotional wreck since the police took her baby on Friday.

“I feel so empty without him. I have not been able to eat anything. No one knows what I am going through.”

Following an investigation, the Children´s Authority will determine whether the baby who is currently with his father would be returned to her. The baby was taken from her hours after she sent a message to the baby’s paternal grandmother’s phone and the wording was interpreted as a threat to hurt herself and the baby.

It stated, “Let (the baby’s father) know he caused this, and I hope it haunts him every day that he lives. And when they find us the world will know of the abuse and they will know why I did what I did. This was my last straw. This postpartum got the best of me. Goodbye.” She insisted that the text was harmless and she only meant that she wanted to run away with the baby. She also sent the grandmother a photo of her holding the baby by one leg upside down.

The woman, who owns a medical supply business, explained that she would put the baby in that position as it assists with the sensory development of the brain.

She and the baby’s father have been having problems in their relationship for the past few months.

On Tuesday last week they had a verbal and physical fight at her home and she packed his belongings and dropped it at his mother’s home in Malabar. She filed for custody of the baby at the San Fernando Magistrates Court on Monday and she was hoping to have a hearing yesterday. However, the matter was adjourned to Monday.

“I have to wait for the Children’s Authority. The only keep back now is that they have to interview him. I just want my baby back,” she pleaded. She has two other children ages three and nine years old.