A 59-year-old Siparia woman who entered a PH taxi to go home on Wednesday was robbed and deserted on a lonely road in La Romaine.

The woman had to walk out of the M2 Ring Road and hitched a ride to the La Romaine Police Post to make a report.

According to police, when the woman boarded the gold-coloured car in San Fernando around 4 pm a man was sitting in the front passenger seat beside the male driver.

She asked to be taken to Siparia, and the passenger told her there was an accident at one of the roundabouts in Debe so the driver would have to take the route through Woodland. As the car reached the M2 Ring Road, the passenger moved into the back seat while the driver drove into an unfinished housing development.

The driver and the passenger both robbed her of cash, jewellery and her cell phone.

After reporting the incident, a party of officers from CID South led by Cpl Mohammed, PC Williams and PC Sujeet Ramcharan searched for the men, but without success.