Police officers detain a group of men on Abbatoir Road, Port-of-Spain during yesterday’s protest around the city.

Major unrest mostly in the capital city yesterday, resulted in the death of a woman and left several others nursing gunshot wounds.

Beetham Gardens mother of five, Ornella Greaves, 30, was shot and killed along the Beetham Highway in the vicinity of Tenth Street, while a group of people squared off with the police.

Video footage of the incident showed an officer discharging two rounds and the woman lying on the ground, surrounded by other protesters.

She was rushed to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital where she died during emergency surgery.

Three other Beetham residents were shot.

One man has been identified as Travon Mc Intosh and the two other men were unidentified. Their conditions were not readily made known.

Police say a total of 72 people were arrested.

The protest action started as early as 7 am yesterday, with police officers reporting fires in communities in East Port-of-Spain, Beetham, Sea Lots and Belmont.

Within hours of that, there were reports of similar fiery protests in Diego Martin, Cocorite and other communities in Western Trinidad.

The demonstrations did not stop there, spilling over to areas in Mausica, Maloney and other parts of East Trinidad, as well as in South Trinidad.

Members of the Defense Force were called out to assist police officers from all divisions and agencies.

The protesters called for justice after police shot three men in Second Caledonia on Saturday, with video showing the men with their hands up moments before they died.

Police claim that one of the men who had alighted the vehicle with his hands up returned to the car and pointed a gun at a police officer, causing them to return fire.

That matter is now under investigation.

“We see this as similar to what occurred in America, the police must not kill innocent people,” one protester stated.

Several people marched down Charlotte Street, shouting, “Don’t shoot,” with their hands in the air.

The fiery protests caused traffic to pile up all around the city with many businesses closing their doors due to the fears of looting.

Just before midday, the protest action escalated as there were reports that police and army officers were shot at by men bearing rifles at Piccadilly Street, East Dry River.

A Trinidad and Tobago Regiment truck bore bullet marks.

As the unrest continued, the police executed a no-nonsense approach as many were detained.

The protest continued along Lady Young Road in the vicinity of second Caledonia, Morvant, where residents staged a human barricade to block oncoming traffic along the road.

Police responded and removed the residents.

However, as this was happening, multiple gunshots were still being heard across the city, as police officers fired shots into the air to disperse groups of protestors at Beetham Gardens and on the streets of East Port-of-Spain.

The Priority Bus Route was almost clear of any traffic heading into Port-of-Spain, as many maxi taxi drivers halted their services. Many motorists sought alternative routes to avoid the gridlock.

The residents vow to continue their protest but police have said that they will be out in large numbers to quell further disturbances.