A 26-year-old woman, of Brazil Village, believes she almost suffered the same fate as Andrea Bharatt when she was taken forcibly to Heights of Aripo instead to her workplace on Sunday morning.

The woman, who said she was fearful for her life, took out a knife and slashed the H car driver across the face.

According to a police report, at about 7.10 am on Sunday, the victim boarded a taxi, a silver Tiida at the corner of Woodford Street and Broadway Arima and requested to be taken to her work place at E-Teck Cumuto.

Whilst proceeding along the Aripo Road she requested from the driver to be dropped off along the roadway several times but the driver refused to stop.

The victim said she got scared and slashed the driver across his face with a knife she had in her possession. The driver then stopped the vehicle and dealt the victim several cuffs to her face.

The victim managed to exit the said vehicle and started running during which she was pursued by the driver who attempted to grab her purse. The victim, however, managed to escape and was taken to the Arima Police by a passing motorist where a report was made.

The victim was subsequently taken to the Arima Health Facility to seek medical attention.

A search was made for the vehicle and driver of the car in the Arima district but he was not seen.

PC Cheeyou is investigating.