A businessman from Central, who is a stroke victim, was beaten and robbed at gunpoint of his cash, valuables and his vehicle on Friday.

However, this incident which has left his family deep hurt and traumatised, led to his daughter spewing a racist remark via a Facebook post she wrote hours after the incident.

A remark which she later apologised for.

The post read: “My dad was just robbed at gunpoint in Appoos Avenue, he has a stroke and can’t walk but they beat him up with a gun and took everything they can and two goons took his vehicle please be on the lookout for PBY 8857 silver wingroad. These n**** ain’t stopping and yes I said it I don’t (expletive used) care anymore because it hit home now….”

Speaking with the Guardian Media, the young woman said at the time of her posting she was very angry but added that she is sorry.

“Yes I know was angry and I said it, I am sorry I made the racist comment but it does not apply to all African descent people…it applies to a lot of the youths especially who have nothing to do and involve themselves in crime…It is unfair you are in our territory and they come and rob you and best you, “ the young woman said.

Also, speaking with the Guardian Media was the businessman, who did not wish to be named. He said he is now fearing for his life and nursing an injury to the right side of the head.

He said he was at his home at Orange Field Road in Carapichaima at about 11.45 am doing chores when two men jumped the gate and accosted him. He said one of them had a gun, while the other had a knife.

“The one with the knife wanted to stab me but I don’t know what held him back but the other one hit me two gun butt to the head. I use a walker and they left me on the ground. They took my wallet containing $600 and my gold jewellery, my rings and thing. Then they took my car. They took my phone too which is very important to me, “ the businessman said.

The businessman’s daughter, however, noted that despite a report being made to the Freeport Police Station, she does not believe that her dad will get justice, “No, I don’t think my dad will get justice because crime will continue and we are not safe in own homes now. My dad had to beg for his life in his own house. My dad can’t walk…there was no need to hit him.”