A woman has been arrested in connection with an incident in which a family of three, including a child, were chopped at their South Oropouche home.

Police are still searching for the woman’s boyfriend who lives in the area.

According to a report around 2 pm on Monday, Shurlan Cross,33, was at her yard when her neighbour armed with a firearm and a cutlass entered her property.

He was accompanied by his 21-year-old girlfriend.

The man then began to chop her.

Cross’ 13-year-old son heard her screams and tried to help her.

He was also chopped on his hands. Cross’ mother Aria ran to their assistance and was injured on her forehead.

The man then pointed a gun at Cross and snatched her cellphone from her.

He and his girlfriend then ran off.

The family was treated and discharged from the hospital. Investigations are continuing. SW