Minister of Works and Transport Rohan Sinanan looks at a section of the Morvant to Maritime Upgrade Project during a tour of the area, yesterday.

Over the next three months, motorists using the Morvant junction in Barataria will have to utilise a temporary Bailey bridge, as contractors for the Ministry of Works and Transport begin to demolish and rebuild the existing bridge as part of the Morvant to Maritime Roundabout Upgrade Project.

Yesterday, Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan was present to announce the temporary measure, appealing to citizens to be patient.

He said the $48 million project, started in August 2020, will alleviate two major issues in the area – flooding and traffic congestion.

“What we expect coming out of this project is a much smoother flow of traffic in the Morvant junction area in some areas you will have as many as seven lanes of traffic flowing at any one time. But more importantly, a significant improvement in the drainage in the area, a lot of work went into streamlining the drainage because this area was prone to flooding. It didn’t take much to flood out this Barataria area, and one of the reasons for that was a lack of proper drainage,” Sinanan said.

He said the height of the existing bridge was also an issue as it prevented the free flow of water, causing water to back up as far back as San Juan whenever it rains heavily.

“With a new bridge you can expect a much larger flow of the watercourse, that will significantly help the traffic and the water flow in this area. This morning we just want to ask the motorists, we know there will certainly be some inconvenience because you are coming off the original road onto a temporary Bailey bridge, we estimate this to last for the next three months.”

Sinanan said the upgrade project had been split into three packages and awarded to three different local contractors­—Coosal’s, Junior Sammy and Carib Asphalt.

He said residents along the Eastern Main Road had been given work during the project.