Three years after an accident on his jobsite left him jobless and with a painful partially disabled arm, a Siparia man has been awarded more than $1.5 million in compensation. Master Martha Alexander ordered Range Resources Drilling Services Ltd to pay its former employee Marlon Brown $1,592,379.15 in damages inclusive of interest.

No company or legal representative appeared on behalf of the defendant during the proceedings.

In his lawsuit filed by attorney Robin Ramoutar, Brown claimed his injury was as a result of the company’s negligence and/or breach of contract of employment.

He suffered 30 per cent permanent partial disability due the injury to his left elbow. And doctors advised him he would never be able to do heavy work again.

The accident occurred around 9.30 am on May 14, 2018, while he was mounting a land rig at a jobsite.

Brown, who was employed as a derrickman, said a piece of equipment known as a polish rod, became stuck and he informed his supervisor.

After the supervisor discussed it with his superior, he instructed Brown and other workers to perform a blind back.

He explained that this meant that they had to manually turn the polish rod backwards. Brown said he immediately protested the danger and refused. However, the supervisor told him to either do his job or go home.

Afraid of losing his job, he complied.

“I attached a wrench to the polish rod. Another worker began pulling on the wrench and I began pushing from the opposite side of the wrench to turn the polish backwards. In the midst of this manoeuvre the other workman lost his grip on the wrench which then spun backward and violently made contact with my left elbow. I screamed out in immediate pain and dropped to the ground holding my elbow.

“I saw blood flowing from the back of my elbow and it hung loose at the joint. I could not move my hand and the pain was immense,” he said.

He was taken to the Siparia Health Facility where they stitched his skin and bandaged his elbow.

The following day the stitches were removed, the wound cleaned and it was resutured and rebandaged.

He was discharged a few days later and given appointment to return for surgery. He continued to experience pain which resulted in sleepless nights for weeks.

The surgery was performed and his arm was put in a cast. Six weeks later the cast was removed and he did physiotherapy at the hospital clinic for two years.

He went to a specialist who told him that he was unfit for work, he would suffer from osteoarthritis in his elbow and he would require surgical intervention.

He stated, “I have lost the ability to enjoy my life,I was cheated of the ability to work which I loved doing. I cannot even take care of my house as I want as sweeping and mopping causes me pain.

Master Alexander ordered a 28 day stay of execution from the day of the ruling.