WPC Anisa Khan, who was last assigned to the Cunupia Police Station.

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) has now lost 14 of its officers to COVID-19 with the latest being WPC Anisa Khan, who was last assigned to the Cunupia Police Station.

Guardian Media understands that Khan succumbed to the virus on Saturday night.

Speaking to the Guardian Media briefly on Sunday evening, president of the TTPS Gideon Dickson said that whilst he did not have the details on Khan’s passing he confirmed that as of 3 pm on Friday 13 police officers had died from COVID.

Taking to social media several of Khan’s colleagues expressed shock and sadness over her passing.

One colleague indicated that Khan had tested positive for the COVID-19 while pregnant and disclosed that both of them were pregnant at the same time and even had the same due date.

The colleague described Khan, who gave birth recently, as her “comfort and strength” during her pregnancy.

“We did clinic and almost everything together. We even planned our baby showers together. You wanted an elephant team and I wanted a bear team. We were due the same time and expecting our boys to be best of friends. You always looked out for me. We were each other’s strengths because we both knew what we were going through. I love you my dear Khan,” the colleague wrote on Facebook.

She indicated that two weeks ago during a visit to NIS together Khan complained of feeling unwell and was then diagnosed with COVID-19.

According to the Ministry of Health over 300 pregnant women have contracted COVID, including one who died soon after her baby was delivered.

Khan’s colleagues still had not gotten over the sudden death of PC Frankie Sammy who also passed away because of COVID-19.

Sammy succumbed on June 21 at the Couva Medical and Multi Training Facility.

Sammy was last assigned to the TTPS Central Division.