Minister of Energy and Energy Industries and Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister Stuart Young , left, is briefed by manager of Touchstone Exploration Xavier Moonan during the tour.

Energy Minister Stuart Young has visited the Ortoire Block following an invitation from Touchstone Exploration Inc to conduct a seismic survey.

Touchstone Exploration is the operator of the 184 sq km Ortoire Block onshore south eastern Trinidad.

The block spans from the villages of Tableland in the West to Pierreville Mayaro in the East and to the very remote areas within the Guayaguayare forest to the south.

A statement from the Energy Ministry said the minister met with manager of Touchstone’s Exploration Xavier Moonan who provided a summary of the geology of the area and seismic acquisition design.

Young also accompanied the Seismic Party Chief Kapil Ramlal to make a test hole ‘live’ (which was part of the seismic survey), where the team witnessed the detonation impact. Following which Young visited the recording truck (vicinity of Mora Drip Station Road) to view the seismic data and trigger a seismic shot within the survey line 040.

The anticipated Royston 1 Well which is to be spud later this month, bisects this active seismic line, the ministry added.

Touchstone Exploration also took Young along the Rio Claro Guayaguayare Road to Poole Valley and onto the Cascadura and Chinook discovery well-sites where Touchstone Exploration general manager of Operations Christopher George gave a quick tour of both sites, detailing ongoing and upcoming operations.

Following the tour of Cascadura and Chinook, Young and his team were taken to the COHO well-site where the general manager of operations gave a quick tour of the facility, detailing ongoing and upcoming operations.

The COHO gas field is expected to produce approximately 10mmscf/d into the domestic gas to NGC from as early as August 2021.

Young also gave his commitment to working with Touchstone Exploration for the betterment of the energy sector.