Kevion Julien

A Christmas Day spent with family and friends ended tragically for Moruga gardener Kevion Julien when a visitor to his village plunged a knife into his chest.Clutching his wound, Julien, 27, of La Lune Road ran to his girlfriend Tashika McNish’s home for help. Despite the frantic attempts at chest compression by his aunt Debbie-Ann, Julien died.According to police, Julien was liming with friends near McNish’s home along La Lune Road when four men joined. An argument broke out between Julien and one of the men whipped out a knife and stabbed him. The men ran to a car and drove off.Julien lived opposite his mother, Charmaine Julien-Charles’ home. Julien-Charles told Sunday Guardian that her son was out for most of the day, but recalled seeing him dropping out of a car earlier that evening to switch on lights in his house. Around 8.30 pm, McNish called her and said that someone stabbed Julien.”The men are from Diego Martin, but one of the guys used to live down here. He came down with his partners to visit people in the area, and one of them stabbed him. I do not know what the argument was about, but the man had to be walking around with a knife,” Julien-Charles said.Years ago, Julien was involved in a severe vehicular accident along the Moruga Road and survived. Julien-Charles said when she heard her son was injured, she did not think that he was dying. But Debbie-Ann called minutes later, saying the Julien was not breathing. While an ambulance was on its way, paramedics guided Debbie-Ann to perform the chest compression, but it was too late. By the time Julien-Charles and other relatives reached the area, they could hear Debbie-Ann’s screams. The grieving mother lamented that her family did not share the tradition of paranging from house to house for the Christmas, but would usually spent time with relatives. She said Julien’s daughter, Kiara, turned a year on December 14 and he spent Christmas Day close to his only child. Relatives said La Lune was a close-knit community and it was an outsider who brought them grief.Julien-Charles believed alcohol consumption might be why someone stabbed her son but questioned why the suspect had a knife. Not only does she mourn her son, but it also saddens her that Kiara will grow up never knowing her father.Police held one person who is assisting with their investigation.