National Security Minister Stuart Young.

National Security Minister Stuart Young said he “called out” UNC MPs in Parliament on Wednesday because they continually disrespect his Port of Spain North/St Anns West constituents by referring to the name of the constituency in the wrong way.

Young was put out of the Parliament chamber for refusing to withdraw his accusation that UNC MPs were making “racist” remarks. He also made other remarks where he complained about the POS North/St Anns West name issue.

Around 7.30 pm that night Young posted an explanation of some of his remarks: “The UNC has consistently and intentionally wrongly referred to the constituency of POS North/St Anns West and the two Laventille Morvant constituencies. UNC members do this intentionally as at a bare minimum the nameplates of constituencies are placed in front of members’ seats for correct reference.

“UNC had posters of their candidate for POS North/St Anns West circulating with the wrong constituency’s name showing their clear disdain and disrespect for the constituency.

“As elected MP I will not permit the UNC Opposition to disrespect my constituents. In Parliament UNC MPs continued with this disgusting behaviour and I called them out on it. I will continue without fear to call out the UNC and their disrespectful treatment of the constituents of POS North/St Anns West.”