Masqueraders from the band House of Jacqui portray Izza Trinbago Ting for the judges on Harris Promenade San Fernando, during Kiddies Carnival, yesterday.

Amazing creations displaying an assortment of brilliant colours were portrayed by young masqueraders as they swarmed the streets of San Fernando yesterday.

From babies in arms to teenagers, each decked off in their costumes, they gave an energetic and beautiful show, demonstrating that Kiddies Carnival in San Fernando is alive and in good hands.

Twenty-five bands were registered to cross the judging point at Harris Promenade, one more than last year.

San Fernando Convener of Carnival Councillor Naigum Joseph was pleased with the smooth pace of the bands and their impressive presentations.

“If you check my Facebook posts, the best events I have gone so far is Children’s Carnival where you see proper designs for children. They not gyrating, children actually jump up and enjoying mas. It is not nakedness, it is a beautiful use of colour, use of local materials. Children mas, Carnival, pan to me have exceeded what most people would expect.”

He boasted that a costume portrayal from south placed third in the National Junior Carnival King this year. “Our standard in culture has exceeded national levels. Extempo King Brian London. In every aspect of culture, San Fernando has exceeded.”

Congratulating CAL Skiffle Bunch for placing sixth in the Panorama competition, he said San Fernando has represented in pan, mas and calypso. “And it is time NCC gives us what we deserve. Give us the funding to push our culture in San Fernando.”

This year saw a change in the Carnival route due to the closure of Skinner Park. Kicking off around noon, the bands paraded from Royal Road to Cipero Street, to Sutton Street, onto to Mucurapo Street, Library Corner and Harris Promenade. Small band JCE Mas Productions from Gran Couva was the first to cross the stage with their presentation Let’s Dance which fell into the traditional category.

Jumping up to the soca hits such as Couch Shell, Stage Gone Bad and Rukshun, one of the categories was a tribute to pan legends, including the late Ken “Professor” Philmore. Also crossing the stage under this banner, were the Gran Couva Youth Club portraying The African Dancers and the Couva Youth Club with the Fancy Sailors.

Although the spectators were few in numbers, there was a steady flow of bands as the young revellers proudly displayed their costumes. Celebrating 27 years of mas in San Fernando, the House of Jacqui’s left many in awe with its presentation of Izza Trinbago Thing.

Shimmering brightly under the sun rays, the presentation showcased different aspects of the twin-island including the amazing sunsets, the pitch lake and the oceans.

Different types of fish and even an aquarium were also seen jumping up in the street during the portrayal of My Aquarium from R&T Kids Crew from La Brea. Out of the 25 bands, five were medium bands while the others were small bands.