Minister of National Security Stuart Young speaks to members of the media during a press conference held to provide an update on national security issues at Temple Court, Abercromby Street, Port-of-Spain yesterday.

National Security Minister Stuart Young and UNC’s Roodal Moonilal clashed yesterday in Parliament on the issue of CCTV camera stock after Young accused Moonilal of being obsessed with the issue.

Young said he wondered why. But Moonilal retorted, “ You’d be obsessed too if you cared about the lives of children who are being kidnapped and murdered !”

Young said he was concerned about the safety and security of all citizens but Moonilal’s continued politicising of matters related to crime “does not pass the test of irony and hypocrisy.”

Moonilal had asked Young queries following reports that 800 cameras are non-functional. Young said a number of cameras are not operations, but didn’t give the exact number.

He reiterated the issues Government has had with TSTT on payments – arranged in the past Government’s tenure – for the cameras.

TSTT is repairing some cameras and removing those destroyed .

He said Government had informed TSTT that functioning equipment should be more than 80 per cent . This is being worked on with TSTT and police, and will be ready “as soon as possible” before a new CCTV system is launched.

Minister : Petrotrin houses worth $515 m

Energy Minister Franklin Khan also said a 2019 market survey of the housing stock owned by Petrotrin estimated the value at $515m.

An official real estate valuation isn’t completed however. He said the holdings included 1,383 houses and bungalows and no formal decision was made to sell the properties over 2018 – when Petrotrin closed- to December 2020.

Khan also noted a young man was electrocuted recently when he climbed a pole on the compound allegedly to steal copper wire from the top of the pole. Khan said he came into contact with a 3000 volt high tension wire.,”Obviously he died,”

Amalgamated Security is increasing patrols on the compound, street lighting is being reintroduced, signs erected and fencing holes are being repaired.

Khan said there will be people trying to trespass, but Paria Fuel Trading Company and Guaracara Refining are doing their best to handle this.