Stuart Young

Renuka Singh

In his capacity as Minister in the Officer of the Prime Minister, Stuart Young said schools would continue to operate in the limited capacity for only Forms Four, Five and Six students until reviewed.

“We are right on the cusp of exams and they are preparing for that,” he said at yesterday’s news conference.

With regards to the SEA exam, the Prime Minister said that it would remain on June 10.

“We continue to hope that the exam would go off as its supposed to,” he said.

Young also said that outdoor exercising would continue as long as it was not in groups of less than five and masks were worn.

Young advised the nation to wait for the State to publish the latest regulations but it included a stay-at-home order and the shutdown of non-essential services.

Places that are allowed to open must close at 8 pm.

The “essential” workers list has been parred down to restrict movement.

Lines outside banks, groceries and pharmacies must maintain social distancing, he said.


New regulations from May 8 to May 23

Work from home stay at home.

Every establishment to be closed at 8 pm

Public transport 50 per cent

Persons not at any work place unless specified on list .

Number of persons gathered at public places at five ( banks etc)

Some exemptions granted: judiciary courts etc, legal services, sittings of Parliament, tax repeal board, TTPS, Immigration, social workers, workers at hardwares and financial services but only essential required to come out.

Basic services: janitorial, WASA, Fire Service, emergency services for dental.

Plummers, electricians only emergencies.

Retail services: Allow these facilities to operate i.e Pricesmart only at 50 per cent capacity n sell only food, also allowed supermarkets, parlours, wholesale stores.

Manufacturing: Emergency automotive services only.

Food and beverages bottling etc.

Employees to maintain aircraft and media workers also essential.

Delivery services not allowed by restuarants.

Farming allowed and workers at the zoo permitted.

Workers engaged in medical supplies and equipment and other services to medical sector allowed.

Energy sector remains alive, some workers can work from home in this sector.