Minister of National Security, Stuart Young, speaks during the debate on the motion calling on the Senate to condemn the Government for its failure to deal with crime.

The T&T student who returned from China recently is in isolation at her home and is being monitored daily by the chief medical officer in her district, National Security Minister Stuart Young has assured. He did so yesterday in the Senate in response to Opposition questions about the student’s return.

Last Sunday it was reported the student arrived from China three days af­ter Government an­nounced a 14-day trav­el re­stric­tion on ar­riv­ing pas­sen­gers from that country. The ban is to curtail spread of the coronavirus.

The student, aged 20, from east Trinidad, ar­rived at Pi­ar­co International Air­port late last Fri­day. She had gone to Shanghai the previous week for studies but hours af­ter land­ing there she was in­formed that class­es had been post­poned in­def­i­nite­ly due to the spread of the coro­n­avirus.

Young said: “I’m happy to report she’s being monitored at this stage and is in isolation at her home and is being monitored every single day by the CMO of her district. Fortunately she has shown no signs or symptoms of any virus after she returned.”

Young added that the student was properly screened by port health security at Piarco airport when she returned and after passing the screening was allowed to enter the country.

On another Opposition query, the minister said the police now take immediate action to investigate missing persons reports instead of waiting 24 hours as was done previously . He said in nearly all such cases, the use of the new procedure has resulted in young girls turning up or contacting families or the police.

“There’s now an increased openess on such issues,” he added, listing initiatives introduced by the police in dealing with such reports.

In answer to a question about a court recommendation for swift disciplinary action against rogue police officers, Young said protocols were established to increase the capturing and recording of breaches of discipline by police officers from social and other media. Additional disciplinary officers were assigned to the Complaints Division to manage indiscipline in the T&T Police Service (TTPS), he added.

“In May 2019, staff at the Complaints Division was increased by 11 officers. Systems were also introduced for the efficacious management of the tribunal officers in order to increase delivery of judgement concerning tribunal matters,” he said, adding that Government had told the Police Commissioner he must move on rogue cops and Government would stand behind him.