Zepheniah Harripaul

Friday March 11th makes it 23 days since Zephaniah Harripaul, shift supervisor at Tucker Energy Services Limited in Chaguaramas, allegedly was abducted from his place of work. Investigating officers are saying they have no new leads in cracking the case, making any arrests, or finding him.

However, although this may be the case with the police and members of the Hunters Rescue and Search Team who also have had no luck in finding him, Harripaul’s brother, Stephen has made it clear, “this is not the time to give up”.

Although Harripaul’s relatives have gone silent in making anymore comments to the media, after a few days of absence from social media, Stephen posted the following statement on his Facebook page on Wednesday night:

“For we walk by faith (What God has said and what He can and will do) and not by sight (What men have said and what men can do) (2 Corinth 5:7). Something powerful is happening!!! Now is not the time to give up. This Battle is the Lord’s in Jesus’ name.”

Stephen, his family, close friends and church congregants recently engaged in a seven-day consecration of prayer and fasting for Harripaul’s safe return.  To date, the family has had no favourable response on any leads in the investigation.

The Hunters Search and Rescue Team for 33-year-old Harripaul in several areas including Chaguaramas, Carenage and Diego Martin, but the team has had no success.

Police officers had identified a suspect whom they say may be able to assist in the investigations but were unable to locate him to date for questioning.  That person of interest, according to police, is the registered owner of the getaway car used.

A police report on the actions taken so far have disclosed that the getaway car, a Silver Mitsubishi Lancer, belongs to a man from Troumacaque Road in Laventille.

Police have also retrieved, viewed and analysed the CCTV footage from that morning.

According to the official police report obtained by Guardian Media, at about 6 pm on February 16th, Harripaul arrived at his workplace located at 1st Avenue Chaguaramas.  The report states that at about 9:30 pm, the suspect motor-vehicle entered the compound and the driver—whose name and description is unknown—indicated that he was en route to collect something from someone.

The report stated that Harripaul was last seen at 2:05 am on February 17th when he told a co-worker that he was going to collect a flashlight.

Some ten minutes later, the suspect motor vehicle was seen exiting the compound in convoy with Harripaul’s vehicle (a silver grey Tucson), when a security officer motioned both vehicles to stop.

The report added that an unknown man was then seen exiting Harripaul’s vehicle and entering into the suspect vehicle, which sped away from the compound.

To date, there has been no ransom demand for Harripaul’s safe return.


Anyone with information about Harripaul’s whereabouts is asked to contact the police hotlines at 555, 999 or 800 TIPS (800-8477).