The “zesser” party patrons held by police following the operation in Central Trinidad on Sunday. picture courtesy TTPS

People held at the “Zesser” party in Kelly Village, Caroni, last Sunday morning, will be arrested if they do not respond to summonses to appear in Court.

In an official statement, the Police Service said it has begun compiling the relevant information and requesting summonses for the 250 persons arrested at the party, as investigations continue into the matter.

“The onus is on persons who have been charged to attend court virtually on the date stipulated on the summons,” stated Head of the Central Division, Senior Supt Curt Simon.

“Persons can contact the Chaguanas Magistrates’ Court, the Court and Process Office, Chaguanas, or their attorneys for the virtual links.”

He warned further: “In the event that defendants do not attend court, the investigators in the matter will be seeking to obtain warrants for their arrests, to have them brought before the court.”

More than 250 persons were held at the party.

The operation which led to their arrest was headed by Central Division Police along with other units of the TTPS, including Special Operations Response Team (SORT), the Multi-Operational Police Section (MOPS), and the Anti-Gang Unit.