A police officer stands over a section of detainees from the zesser party at River Block Trace in Caroni.

The 250 persons arrested at a party on Sunday morning will be charged via summons. According to the TTPS, the decision was taken because of the possibility of the spread of COVID-19.

The following is a press release from the TTPS:

Because of the possibility of the spread of the COVID-19 virus, a decision has been taken to charge more than 250 persons found at a Zesser Party on Sunday morning by way of summons rather than keep them in cells at police stations. According to Head of the Central Division, Senior Supt Curt Simon, “The Central Division is very responsible when it comes to maintaining law and order and preventing and reducing disorder.

“We are taking affirmative action in proceeding to lay charges to over 250 persons who would have been present at the Zesser Party this weekend. The Division is taking into consideration the personal safety of all involved, including the police officers. While we are aware we could arrest these persons, a decision has been taken to charge all involved by way of summons in this matter.

“This will ensure that the health of the police and the court community will remain intact and unobscured. This is expected to be an arduous task that will take at least a week to complete,” Senior Supt Simon added. Several units of the TTPS, including SORT, MOPS, and the Anti-Gang Unit, descended upon a warehouse at Kelly Village, Caroni, on Sunday morning where more than 250 persons were involved in a Zesser Party.

Investigations are continuing.